2021 AACX Cyclocross Record Turnout

With the fall comes cyclocross and the 2021 edition of AACX. Clearly there is pent up demand for racing on the backside of the pandemic and AACX had a record turnout of over 300 registrations and 290 unique riders. The weather was sunny, dry and a bit unseasonably warm in the low 80s which made for fast, dusty laps until the last race of the day where it sprinkled a bit with the passing of cold front.

Aerial view of the course.

Other than a few minor changes to the filed lines, the course was very similar to the 2019 edition with the addition of an extended off camber chute in the first wooded area. This section doubled the distance and elevation of the feature. It was ultimately rideable by most because of the dry conditions, but in the future if it is wet, it will be much different.

cyclists in the woods

The extended of camber chute.

The “Billygoat Hill” run up was prominent again as the first technical feature on the lap and served to spread the riders out for the first long grass section of the course.

The “Billygoat Hill” run up.

The second wooded section was largely the same and you had to carry speed into the off camber turn at the top in order not to slide out in the lose dirt. Unfortunately, the bees were prolific this year and towards the end of the day, an unknown nest at the bottom of the hill got stepped on making them a bit angry and this section of woods had to be closed for the last several fields.


The top of wooded section #2.

ABRT has a strong group of riders participating in the 45+ 3/4/5 field in most MABRA races.  Antonio Abadia and Mike Roth have made significant strides so far this year and finished strong in 11th and 15th place. Unfortunately, Mickey Thaxton our usual podium finisher was under the weather this weekend and did not race.

bike riders starting a race on a grass field cyclocross course

The start of the 45+ 3/4/5 race that featured ABRT riders – Antonio Abadia, Mike Roth, Alex Pline, Charles Valade, and Gwo Yang.

AACX was another great success this year thanks to race director Iain Banks of Parvilla Cycle & Multisport and Mike Roth of ABRT who managed the race, herded cats, mowed grass, drove trucks, and all of the ABRT members who raked, cut, weed whacked and walked miles in the sun and rain to create, set up and break down the course.

Parvilla Cycle’s Iain Banks

ABRT’s Mike Roth

The season is still young with many more MABRA races to come. Look for the ABRT tent! For links to the results and links to more pictures including podiums on Facebook, see our AACX page.