Church Creek Time Trial #2


August 18, 2018

Event Details

The course is smooth, flat, fast, scenic, and well marked with a wide shoulder available on most of it. The course will be open to traffic. Riders must ride as far to the right as possible to allow traffic to pass. The course is located in Church Creek, MD, which is approximately 5.5 miles from the middle school. Riders must ride to the Start Area from the high school parking lot (use this transfer as part of your warm up – see the chart below for approximate transfer times). The 5Km, 10Km, and 20Km Out and Back Courses use the first leg (Route 355) of the 40km Course. The 5Km, 10Km, and 20Km TT Turnarounds are well marked and will be marshaled by police and civilians. The 40 Km Loop Style Course is also well marked and will be marshaled by police and civilians. All riders: Please use EXTREME CAUTION and be prepared to stop if you are required to do so. The Start Area is approximately one quarter mile South of the Intersection of Routes 355 and 16, near the Church Creek Volunteer Fire Company, 1902 Church Creek Rd, Church Creek, MD 21622.

Additional information on fields, prices, logistics and times is available on the Bike Reg page.


The 2017 final results are here: 2017 CCTT2 Results

The Mens 65+ combined field is used for the MABRA Championships, but we break the field into 5 year age groups and award race medals for these categories:

65+ 70+ 75+ 80+
  1. Rick Maynard
  2. Matthew Olson
  3. Matty Parker
  4. Jim Hartnet
  5. Wes Scholz
  6. Stuart Ross
  7. James Degoey
  8. William Harback
  9. Myron Segal
  1. Doub McClellan
  2. John Cox
  3. Jim Wagner
  4. Philip Samawicz
  1. Richard Schaffer
  1. William Vest

We had a professional photographer on the course name Ted Morgan and he will post all of the pictures on his Flickr site full resolution for free downloads for non commercial use.

Pictures of podiums (sorry many competitors just did not stick around after getting their medals so we were not able to get group pictures):

This is part of the Mid Atlantic Time Trial Series (MATTS). Read More about MATTS.

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