Tuesday Points Competition

New in 2015, we have instituted an informal points competition. In addition to the final traditional sprint at the end of the ride just before Governor Bridge Road, we have added additional intermediate sprints and KOMs. Each sprint/KOM is worth 5 points for first and 3 for second, except the final which is 6 an 4. The tally is computed for the day and listed below.

The locations are as follows:

KOM and Sprint Lines

Sprint Line

KOM Line

KOM Line

KOM 1 – Top of the Polling House “stair step”
KOM 2 – Past the golf course on South Polling House
KOM 3 – Top of the Polling House “stair step” (lap 2)
Sprint 1 – End of Bayard before Sands
Sprint 2 – End of Sands before Patuxent River
Sprint 3 – Finish before Governor Bridge